This is my website where I post most of the things I code. I develop games, websites, and have been at it for several years.

To navigate the website use the buttons in the top right of the screen. Use the contact page to send me emails about projects you want to see me make.

my skills,

These are the skills I have developed over my years of practice. HTML, CSS, and JS are the languages I use the most. They are used to create websites. Node.js is a JavaScript framework that allows you to create and maintain servers with JavaScript. With plain JavaScript, thst isn't possible to do.





web dev.

2d games

want a website built?

Interested in getting a website of your own? Contact me with your design and i'll build it for you.

what you get from me,

  1. One compleate website, designed by you.
  2. Customization of every pixel.
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how about a game?

Want your own game? Weather it’s a new idea or an old classic, I’ve got your back. Contact me and i’ll create it for you. After that you can find it on my Projects page

what you get from me,

  1. One fully customized game.
  2. Easily playable. Just go to my projects page
  3. The game that you want to play
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Eager to learn to code?

Learning to code may seem daunting. But it really isn’t. If you start simple and work up from there, you will find it isn’t all that hard. Just let me know what your interested in doing and i’ll work off that.

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